Bell and Coleman for Chubb

I have been offered nick Chubb and Herndon for bell and tevin Coleman

Think I should take it ?

What does your Te’s look like? Herndon hasn’t even touched the field yet so giving up two RB ones could be risky

I agree with Dustin… Risky. I’m a Chubb owner and he’s been “ok” but I’m really spooked by the lack of offense in CLE. Never a good thing when the D can predict the run. I’d say you’re giving up too much. Coleman plays the Cards 2 times in the next 3 weeks too. something to consider.

My TE is eh. I had dissly and been streaming since. I picked up goedert this week. They keep saying bell is gonna break out but nothing yet. The last 3 games, Chubb has averaged double the points of them combined

Yea TE’s are a hassle. But we have no idea if Herndon is going to be worth anything. And the struggles for bell will go away look at week 9 through 15 those matchups are solid. But if you think chubb can carry it with a more solid TE option I say do it. But I love what bell and the jets are about to go up against