Bell and Gronk for Mixon?

So… I’m the dummy who drafted Bell 4th overall. My question is, should I trade away Gronk and Bell for Mixon? I just picked up Kittle off of waivers. My other RB’s are Collins, Powell, T. Coleman, Penny, K. Johnson. Standard 10 team redraft league.

GOD NO!!! thats two top players at their position for a low end rb 1


Definitely don’t do this. Youll be throwing away you’re entire season


In Mixon’s best case scenario he’s still not getting Bell’s workload and Pittsburgh’s offense is better

ive gotten offers for bell such as howard or even mixon and ap for him try and shop bell alone or packaged with kittle but i see no reason to get rid of gronk.


You could also try and flip Kittle for Conner. Going after conner is a better proposition than sending away your top end talent

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unless you play a flex and dont need dedicated tight end you cannot trade Gronk

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agreed your rbs …well… get craetive on waiver wire. But dont trade gronk if you have dedicated TE position in lineup

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Good point Nick about Conner… You should have grabbed him last wed Mtn.

I tried to but he went early in the 4th rd.

Ok, I’m going to try and flip Kittle for Connor

I appreciate you guys bringing me back down to earth, I was in full tilt mode

Good Luck…Noone will give you Conner

Pick up austin ekler or tj yaldon 4 this week

This is very true, I have Conner in 2 leagues and I’m only selling him if someone blows me away. He won me my matchup in both leagues and even if I only have him for 4 weeks that’s huge that a free player is winning me weeks.