Bell and Montgomery for Mixon

Am i dumb for offering two startable running backs for mixon? I am in a superflex league with three startable RBs on any given week. I have CEH and Eckler as my other two currently.

I don’t think you’re dumb but I don’t think you’re getting Mixon.
Jets don’t like Bell. They’ve showed that in so many ways and Montgomery still has a lot to prove. Plus he’s injured right now. You won’t be able to trade a round 4 RB and a round 5/6 RB for a 1st round MAYBE 2nd round RB.

I mean, you can always try. You never know.

I like it if you can get it to go through, I’m assuming you still have other depth at RB? Or are you going all in?

i have chris thompson and duke johnson, so no not a huge amount of depth

I would definitely do it. Mixon is a top 10 RB. Bell and Montgomery are both low end RB2s with really low floors.

Plus CEH, Mixon and Ekeler is an incredibly solid RB trio.