Bell back... Conner?

What to do with Conner?

I got an offer for him of Lamar Miller for him lol is it worth accepting now that bell is expected to be back?

What can I expect to get for Conner today in what could be his last 2 weeks as the lead back?

I’m holding him even if Bell comes back. Just look at what happened to Earl Thomas in a similar situation.

Also he’s not a bad option as my keeper for next year.

I’m in a similar situation.

My bell owner is skeptical and is willing to trade my Conner for bell. He doesn’t think bell is gonna play even though he signs esp what happened to earl Thomas. Not sure what to do anymore it’s giving me a headache lol

If you have good rb depth you could get some value out of him if you have bell. If you don’t have bell o would sell him soon before his value Tanks

What would be good value?

Hard to say exactly but I would think a lower w1 or wr2 maybe. It would also depend on your roster and the other guys

I think if you can get a season-long player you can start multiple times you’d have to consider it. Because that’s what Conner is probably giving you right now - 2 guaranteed starts ROS at a minimum.

The best value for Conner may be just riding the wave you’ve been riding. Cost you very little, so enjoy it while it lasts and hope a desperate Bell owner panics by offering you something they shouldn’t

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