Bell, Baldwin and Matthews in a thin wire. How to hold up?

I think my roster is running thin:

14-team, .5 PPR, 6 bench

QB: Stafford
RB: Bell, Collins, Lewis, Clement, Gillislee
WR: Baldwin, Gordon, Woods, Matthews, T. Williams, Sutton

As you can imagine for a 14-team league, the wire is thin. Until Bell returns I’m in a tough spot.

Players available in the wire: P. Lindsay, G. Allison, P. Dorsett, T. Ginn, D. Pettis, F. Gore, C. Grant.

Would you make a move? I’m considering Gillislee for Lindsay and Sutton for Dorsett.

Allow me to up this one with the following information: I scored 65.94 points this week thanks to Greg Zuerlein, because, guess what, I also own the NO D/ST. Looking for upside anywhere.

I’m planning to make a move for Quincy Enunwa and Jalen Richard. I don’t know if it was because of Slay but Enunwa simply got many targets. Jalen Richard was the main RB for the passing game. I’m dropping Gillislee and Sutton.

That wire is pretty damn rich for a 14 team league. Not sure how Allison is on there. He should be drafted in a 14 team league no question.

You should be spending on Lindsay. I spent all of yesterday going through his college film cause I didn’t know about him much before today. He was an incredibly productive college runner. Is he extremely talented? No but he actually runs pretty well for his size. Now I don’t expect to get 17 touches a week, but 10-12 touches a week with 3-4 of those being targets is very much in the cards which is good enough for weekly flex play and RB filler on byes which is very valuable to your team. He is one of my top targets this week, even in a 12 man league. If Yeldon is on your waivers, I’d also try and grab him. None of other RBs are worth your time. And I would drop clement for him, not gillislee. Gillislee has potential to offer you some starter appeal for the first couple weeks. He got added late last week so didn’t really have time to learn the offence. Although I’m not married to him so if you really like clement more, go ahead and drop gillislee.

For WRs, I would target Allison first. Then Dorsett, then pettis. Allison is the clear starting WR3 in an Aaron rodgers led offense. Rodgers has repeatedly praised him to the media and showed his belief in him on Sunday. With Adams drawing the double teams and the top CB from the opposing team every week, the opportunity will be there for Allison to produce on the outside. Given GB runs 12 and 21 personnel (i.e. 3 WR sets) on like every single play (i think only lions use those personnel more than GB), he’s going to be on the field a crap tonne. He was on 70% of snaps Sunday, he is in there for every week flex consideration. Given your line up, honestly Allison might be an every week flex / starter. Dorsett is another interesting add. He played a tonne of snaps and was targeted a lot. In the absence of Edelman, he will be relevant. But I question how useful he’ll be once edelman comes back. Pettis is a similar story with how long goodwin remains in/out. I would drop sutton. And just so you know, I am very high on sutton as a player. He was my top ranked WR in this class and I drafted him as my first WR everywhere in fantasy for dynasty. He just won’t be relevant in Fantasy this year behind Sanders and DT. Unless DT goes down with Injury, you can’t start sutton ever. Sanders is the WR to own in that WR corps.

Edit: I meant drafted Sutton everywhere as first rookie WR in dynasty. I didn’t draft him anywhere in redraft.

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What do you think about Ginn? Pretty low on him since there was no mention?

Ginn is nothing more than a bye week fill in on a good match-up. I don’t feel comfortable starting him at any point unless I’m incredibly desperate. MT + Kamara is who I want in that offense. And maybe gillislee in hopes he vultures some TDs once in a while and stops fumbling.

Thanks for the amazing feedback, Mike.

What’s your opinion on Rishard Matthews moving forward?