Bell being used the IR slot

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I’m the commissioner of a league, and one of our league mates is fussing that Bell shouldn’t be allowed in the IR slot, as it gives this team more bench players.

I’m arguing that the team who drafted Bell did so with a first round pick. unknowing this hold out would last so long. I’ve explained that once Bell is active again, that the team who has him will have to drop someone before he can plug them in.

Am I in the wrong for allowing Bell to stay in the IR slot?

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That is the way fantasy goes! The person that drafted them knew his situation! He had held out before obviously not for this long but it happened. The drafter should be held accountable. Granted if anyone passes up on bell in the first round hopefully it was for Gurley but either way, I say that he should absolutely not be able to sit in the IR

If the platform allows for players marked ‘out’ to be in the IR slot the there’s nothing wrong with using it to your advantage. No different to using it for suspended players if it allows it? If it was exclusively for injured players then he wouldn’t be able to put Bell in there? It’s just managing your team using all the tools at your disposal if you asked me, using the platform to your advantage is fine. I wouldn’t like it if you as the commissioner allowed it based on this specific situation for that one owner but if it’s the platforms rules then it’s tough I’m afraid

I don’t think Bell should be eligible to be in the IR slot, since he is NEITHER suspended or injured.
He is listed as OUT in Yahoo leagues which will make him inactive but I don’t think that is eligible for an IR

ESPN has Bell listed as out, and it does allow you to place him in the IR slot.

If the platform allows it, then you have to allow it unless you have by laws which state otherwise.