Bell Brady Trade

12 Team 1/2 PPR, 4 man bench. I would be getting Brady, M.Thomas and Aaron Jones for Leveon Bell and Joe Mixon.

QB Tyrod
RB Bell
RB Hunt
WR K.Allen
WR D.Baldwin
TE Ertz
FLEX Mixon, J.Reed or D.Parker

NO WAY! I would not do this.

Yeah do not do this trade.

Yeah I am leaning against it. My team is pretty stacked I think. I just have had extremely bad luck with Streaming QBs and guys are sending me trades left and right for Bell or Hunt

There’s a reason why they want Bell and Hunt. Keep streaming QB’s and you’ll be fine.

Was thinking the same way. Trying to catch me on tilt I guess. It is a nice luxury having two top 5 RBs every week. Thanks for the advice guys. Just joined the footclan last week. Been watching and listening to the guys for a while now. Thanks for the advice guys!

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Yea this shouldn’t even be a thought. Bell should essentially be untradable…If you want to trade him, you need alot more than this in return.