Bell/Connor for McCaffery/ Wentz

I have Bell and Connor and I have a trade offer for McCaffery and Wentz. My current quarterback is Tyrod Taylor and I don’t have a backup. What does the footclan think about trading the Steeler backfield for CMC and a better Quarterback when he comes back?

Also, this is a full point PPR league and my other starters are TY, Jordan Howard and Corey Davis

I’d wait at least 1 more week before I’d trade Bell. Don’t trade off of reactionary reports unless via a written statement from the player.

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You don’t need to make a deal happen as you have Connor who albeit doesn’t have the value of bell commands a top end value. Personally don’t value wentz that high as eagles will take a backwards step this year. See how you feel about this after a week of Connor playing and see where bell news is at

  • Wentz could be really good again
  • CMC is a solid RB2 arguably RB1 easy
  • Conner is a good sub for Bell
  • Lev Bell could win you a season

I’d gamble on Bell. Or at least wait a week.