Bell for Antonio Brown Deal? Really need opions

Which side of this deal is getting the better end? Some in the league are calling for a veto of the deal.

Antonio Brown
Jordan Howard
Chris Hogan


Kenny Stills
Le’veon Bell
Julian Edelman

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I think it’s pretty obvious that the Antonio brown side is winning this trade.

AB side wins this by a country mile.

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Why? I would take the other side of this deal. Bell is the best in the deal. Edelman is a stud. Stills has been good and Hogan sucks

Because trading guaranteed current production in brown and howard for potential value in bell and Edelman is coming back from a PED suspension. We dont even know whats gonna happen with bell, the Steelers might not give him the workload to spite him for not being a team player. Or they might trade him.

The bell side just has too many questions for this trade to make sense.

Brown side is far better. Bell won’t even play until week 8 and his involvement is up in the air still. If I had Bell/Stills/Edelman I’d make this trade. I’d make the trade if it was only Brown and Howard. I feel like the waiver wire will have better week-to-week options than Hogan.

I like the AB side of this for sure. Howard will come on.

I’m not convinced Bell won’t come back and then have “nagging injuries” that don’t allow him to play much the rest of the year.

Alright everyone is taking the Brown side. Would any of you argue that the trade should be vetoed?

Howard has been below average. Hogan has sucked.

Stills has put up numbers that are only slightly worse than Brown’s, but I am not going to argue that he is as good as Brown.

Edelman would have been a 3rd round pick if he wasn’t suspended.

Bell’s potential doesn’t come for free.

By the way, this isn’t me making the trade this is me trying to keep the league from blowing up as this trade has caused major controversy.

Edelman is a stud based on what? It’s not 2012 anymore. Edelman hasn’t finished higher than WR3 in like 3-4 years. And has like 1 WR1 finish in his entire career. This narrative is just false. You’re selling on name value, not actual production.

Stills has been good? Stills is and always has been an unplayable WR. He gets you 20 points on game and <5 points in another and it’s impossible to make start sit decisions. All signs pointed to him blowing up last week vs a crappy pats secondary. Instead he went out and got you 5 points. I never own him as a player cause he is absolutely unplayable.

In this deal, whoever gets AB gets someone who has the potential to finish as a WR1 and has been “underperforming” and “sucked” accordingly to the community but is giving you a floor of 15 points in half ppr. You start him every, single, week. Bell you don’t get back until at least week 8 and who knows how long it takes to get involved in the offense/NFL shape. Even last year, he had a pretty slow start to the season in the first 2-3 weeks before returning to form.

You have Howard who has admittedly been underperforming but is still a starting RB in the NFL. And Hogan sucks as well but I don’t think he’s much worse than Stills. I actually think Edelman being back and as gordon gets more involved, it will be good for hogan. He is not talented enough to be the WR1 in an offense. His best years/production came with Edelman in the lineup as a red zone and deep threat guy.

Having said all of that, having league vetoes is absolutely idiotic. Everyone will just vote based on their own biases. There should be no veto in a trade unless it is clear collusion. This is not that. This is just the AB side getting a lopsided deal in their favor.

While I agree with your overall statement on vetoing is stupid. You are underselling edelman.

Edelman 2 years ago had 61 catches 700 yards and 7 touchdowns in just 9 games. That is very good.

Also, Stills was never going to be good against New England. No dolphins would. The dolphins in New England are always a disaster. Look at the history. (I also don’t advise starting Tom Brady when they go to Miami later this year) Plus Belichick’s whole defensive strategy is take away the deep ball and make teams methodically work their way down the field anticipating they will screw up or get stopped before they make it to the endzone.

Yes that is his philosophy. The bend don’t break. But the current pats defense is not able to do that. As shown by the Jax and Lions. Either way, I’m not wrong on stills. That is all he’s ever been. I don’t have any interest in playing someone who is completely irrelevant if they can’t get a 50 yd+ TD which is basically what stills is. I do look at his history and his history shows you have no idea when he will blow up or fail. That’s just the simple facts.

Yes and that was 2 years ago. Since then, Edelman has had season ending injury and is now 32 years old and hasn’t played a down in the NFL in 2 years. Also, 2016 pats were routinely hanging 30-40 points on a weekly basis and was absolutely dominant in the league before making their superbowl run. This patriots team, is a much different one. It’s going to take time to fix things and have everything gel together. Assuming Edelman is just going to walk in and be what he was 2 years ago having not played a down since 2016 is incredibly naive. I don’t even feel to great starting him as anything more than a flex play in this TNF matchup.

So basically in this trade, AB side is getting a locked and loaded every week WR1 with probably the juiciest matchup of the season (at home vs ATL), a startable asset in howard and a bench depth player in hogan.

The Bell side is getting 1 player who isn’t playing for another 4 games, i.e. 50% into the season, a fringe flex player in Stills, and an aging WR who hasn’t played a down in the NFL since the superbowl 2 years ago.

Sounds like you’re either the one getting AB in this deal and trying to justify the equal value you gave up or your received Bell and trying to justify why you won on the deal. Either way, this deal is heavily favored towards the AB side but as I said above, that shouldn’t matter. Doesn’t deserve a veto.

And full disclosure, I am a die hard pats fan and absolutely love Edelman as a player. But I divest of emotions when making decisions in fantasy.

I am a Pats fan too so it surprises me you would have started Dolphins. That game was always going to be a massacre.

I am not in this deal. I am trying to keep the league from vetoing the deal and blowing up the whole league.

I didn’t start dolphins. I don’t own any dolphin players. I rarely start pats players when we are away at Miami as well cause for whatever reason, always suck there.

But people do. And stop getting hung up on one game. Stills is like this all season. Impossible to predict boom/bust games. Just fade him.