Bell for Elliott?

So now it’s the off season what do you think on trading Bell for Elliott? It’s a full point PPR league with 1 keeper. I do think Bell is better right now, but long term I like Elliott better. Thoughts?

How long can you keep a player for? Do they cost particular draft picks? For instance, if you can keep Bell as a 2nd rounder somehow but Zeke is a first rounder; I’d rather have Bell this year. If everything is equal and there is no limit on how long you can keep them, Zeke is the clear choice for me.

No limit on how long to keep and no draft choice lost either. That’s kind of my thought. I have a late pick in the draft but I’m hoping to snag Barkley early as we are keeping 2 starting next year. Only thing that Elliott scares me about it off field issues, but Bell has the same risk

If it were dynasty, I would lean Zeke. Since it is just a 2 player keeper that sort of offsets the youth. I’d lean Bell in full PPR, but it’s close. Go with your gut.

I’m just afraid of the cliff most RB fall off and Bell is going to be 27 soon. It’s definitely close