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Bell for Fournette Gore and Sammy Watkins or Theilen


Standard 10 person League, I’d be the one getting Bell and I get to pick which WR goes. Good trade? My current roster includes McCoy, Buck Allen, Mixon, and Gore at RB and Jordy, D Thomas, Thielen, Sammy Watkins and TY Hilton at WR.


Am I stupid for even hesitating on this?


No, I wouldn’t do it. Fournette is just good in a good situation. I would think about a 1 for 1, with maybe a little less than Theilen or Watkins thrown in but not a 3 for 1.

Bell will be good, but not THAT much better than Fournettflix and Chill. Hard pass.


Gonna give you the opposite perspective here and say I’d take this trade in a heartbeat. Your roster gives you plenty of room to make this trade. You’re stacked at WR so the loss of Thielen or Watkins doesn’t hurt you one bit. Gore is riding the bench when you have McCoy and Allen. Mixon is a good stash still. The upgrade to Bell for your team is huge and gives you two very solid RB’s each week with depth still in Allen and Mixon. I’d jump all over this trade if I were you.


Thanks for the insight, I think I’m going to do it. it will certainly make the league fun!


McCoy is not playing well, in fact is Gore doing better?