Bell for Golladay

14 team PPR, start QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, WR/RB FLEX.

Have a trade agreed in principle, I give Bell and get Golladay. My team is below, I just traded for CEH but will I be losing too much RB depth?

QB - Kyler, Cam
RB - Chubb (IR), CEH, Robinson, Vaughn, Brian Hill, Darrel Williams, D’Ernest Johnson

WR - Adams, MT, Alshon
TE - Graham

I can stream a few WRs but the RBs are next to nil on waivers. I just like the idea of playing 3 WR 1s each week and Bell could be a huge bust on this awful jets team.

A team owner is giving up Babytron for Bell.

Hit accept immediately. Like right now, get off here and do it!

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He wants ‘proof of life’ from Bell at practice so I’m just waiting for the reports to come in and I’ll go back to him.

You don’t think I’ll be screwed at RB? Mind you I’ve got CEH insured and frankly everyone is suffering at RB!

Your RB depth with take a hit, but J. Rob and CEH are both solid RB2s with RB1 upside.

Your WR core needs some serious help. Giving up Bell for a weekly WR1 with top 5 potential is worth it, IMHO.

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