Bell for Gordon and Robinson

1/2 PPR Dynasty League.

I just got offered Melvin gordon and Allen Robinson for Leveon Bell.

I’m hesitant to move Bell thoughts?

Bell is going to get a lot of touches. 300+ on the season probably. The Chargers are looking to run the ball more but I think you’ll see guys like Ekeler and Jackson on the field more. Allen Robinson has been irrelevant since he left the Jags. The Bears just don’t use him very much. I’d keep Bell.

Personally I’d probably take Gordon for Bell. Gordon you know that when healthy on the Chargers he’s a reliable Rb1. Bell you know on Steelers is just a monster for fantasy and I think he’ll still put up numbers with Jets but we haven’t seen what kind of numbers.

I think it’s an offer to think carefully about.

I think the trade is pretty even. It all depends on how you value Bell. im about 55/45 Gordon side. But its really close.

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This is a smash accept for me. I’d take Gordon over Bell 1 to 1.