Bell for green

I was Offered AJ Green and Chris Thompson for Bell and R. Anderson

My other rbs are Howard Conner Lynch keryeon Powell and Lindsay

Wr are diggs Jones Jr agular Goodwin

Thanks for the opinions in advance

Risky and could pay off, but might be risking a bit much as Robby Anderson belongs in waivers. Plus AJ could end up top 5 WR

Yeah I agree @moresending

Maybe just do AJ for Lev straight up? Keep Chris Thompson for a few more weeks.

I bet the bell owner takes that deal. Its risky as bell might sit out 10 games or he might be back next week. Its a gamble

I feel that, if he is gonna sell bell he will do it just for AJ. Either theyre iffy owners or attached since he was a top 3 pick

I’d take that mainly given you have conner and you’re team can survive till week 10 if Bell holds out.

I do agree with others though. I would start with AJ Green + lynch or Powell for Bell straight up. I’d rather keep chris thompson over any of your other RBs not named howard or conner.