Bell for Jeffery and gilislee in standard league

Trade gilislee and Jeffery for leveon bell? My WRs are jordy Hilton and Jeffery. My rbs are Murray and gilislee with Abdullah gore and Forman on my bench.

Wait…Jordy is hurt (not completely sure how badly yet) and Hilton’s production is not there due to lack of Luck. I wouldn’t be trading away Jeffery…

I’m 2-0 right now and will to take a little risk. Jordy is a possible play this week and Hilton will be fine once luck comes back.

Most folks will say Luck will be back. He hasn’t practiced with the team yet, and he had surgery in January. I wonder if and when he’s back, how effective he’ll be?

very good points there kirby. i was leaning towards yes, so long as you had a WR lined up off of waivers that would work until everything is back to normal. but, i wouldnt want to waste a 2 - 0 start by risking something you dont have to. you risk like that when you are the reverse, 0 - 2.

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I do have jj Nelson picked up.