Bell for McCaffery

I drafted Bell #1 overall and McKinnon as my RB2. Have Ajayi, Lewis, Michel and Penny on my bench. Full ppr 12 team league. Buddy offered me McCaffery and Tyreek for Bell and Tate. Other WRs are Keenan, Landry, Kupp, and Locket. Tempting…

that is a touuuuugh choice…

all i can say definitively is that mcaffrey is going to be a ppr monster

maybe offer him a lesser WR than tate? hes still getting major value when bell comes back

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well… its doable

with hill being apart of it

the hard part is you for sure need some high end coverage. I assume connor is gone? to pick up?

AS of now week one you would have to start

that might be ok to gimp along until week 2/3 in a worst case

Damn thats a pretty good offer. Rolling out CMAC as your RB1 with that receiving Corps is not bad actually considering your situation, you need it desparately. Personally, I’d probably get more for Bell but CMac in PPr is going to be a monster. I would take him over Fournette in PPR. And you already have PPR machine Landry, don’t really need tate.

And I prefer Hill to Tate by a wide margin. Wouldn’t hate you if you too kthis trade tbh.

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Id take that deal if I were you. Bell held out last year and started out slow and you are getting CMAC and Hill? Click accept and smile.

Joe I am in a similar situation, I had Bell and Mckinnon, this week I have to roll with Marshawn, Burkhead and Duke. being I feel your pain and with Hill being part of this deal I would prolly do it

don’t do that trade

Would you try to get Kamara and Diggs/Fitzgerald more than CMac and Tyreek?

Offer for CMac is still on the table, think I do it?

i vote yes, although the winner/loser of the trade is determined soley on bell.

He misses week 1 and comes back week 2? Well, you just downgraded yourself pal, albeit not too badly.

Bell out till week 10? You just screwed him and will be smiling on your way to fantasy playoffs.

I’ve already said that the CMAC + Hill is a pretty decent trade. I think Hill is a big upgrade over tate. And CMAC in Full PPR is a stud.

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Mike would you trade Bell for CMC straight up? Knowing the rumors Bell might report tomorrow?

Lots of people have been asking me this, this is where I struggle the most. CMac is basically the cutt off point for me. I am VERY high on CMAC especially in PPR format so personally, I would be willing to de-risk my team and take that but it’s right on the border.

Isn’t it too late to trade now? Is your trade a 2 day review period?
In my Bell league I gotta run the week with Burkhead/ Wilkins.
I feel your pain a bit lol. The trade is a good one though.
I’m personally holding Bell for right now since my league has a bunch of low-ballers.

Side note: If you played Ajayi last night, you are probably feeling a little better about this trade lol.

I feel the same way but not as confident as you, LOL…Feel Hunt is safer? or is holding Bell the best bet since today is Friday?

I officially offered the trade but the CMac owner said it’s too risky to do. So. i still have bell and tate, and yes, played Ajayi last night. Sound like the Bell situation should become clearer as soon as tomorrow according to a source.

Assuming you followed my zero RB draft guide, Ajayi should be in some of your teams. I don’t expect him to score 2 TDs a week, but it’s clear who the goal line back is on that team and when I bought Ajayi, I drafted the philly O-line, not necessarily Ajayi’s talent. I also expect Ajayi to see more passing work going forward, he ran like 10 routes yesterday. And averaging 4 YPC+ is pretty decent. philly has a pretty easily schedule as well. I do see Ajayi having a good shot at a couple more multi TD games.

Was it just me though or did he look a lot slimmer / faster last night as well? Didn’t seem as clunky as he did last year.

i would do it, tate worries me this year, think they might start going towards golladay, there were rumors of them shopping tate late in camp, idn hill is straight boom or bust but i think you can easily predict his boom games, had him early last year did that and then swung him for a better wr, mccaff will be a beast this year

Sadly I didnt but should of my first 2 Picks from the 1st slot in a draft was Bell and Mckinnon drafted about a month ago…that is always the risk there…so that is my pain, lol…After that I took AJ in the 3rd and Mccoy in the 4th