Bell for OBJ

Hey footclan! I`m in a 14 team redraft league and just lost Dalvin Cook and was offered OBJ, Demarco Murray and Rob Kelly for Leveon Bell and Steffon Diggs.

My receivers are currently Diggs, Michael Thomas, Pryor, Ginn and Jaron Brown while my RB`s are Bell, Ellington, Prosise, Gallman and Chris Johnson.

What do you guys think I should do? Can I trust demarco to be my RB1 the rest of the year?

I’m not a fan whatsoever. I could see why you might be intrigued by this 2 for 3, but you’re losing out on value AND you’re taking on risk. Big no from me.

I say no as well. You should be fine with Thomas and Diggs. Bell is just too valuable to get rid of imo