Bell for waller and 1 of 3 rb?

Team with bell is last place with highbee and olsen as their te

so my waller and either michel, damien williams, or montgomery to get bell.

My team
Hopkins Woods Sutton Jeffery Anderson
Andrews and Waller

Fair value? which one of those 3 backs should go?

Do you know they will agree to this? Or just a proposal?

just a proposal but figured they probably want a shake up sitting in last. their other rbs are fournette white and freeman

That’s a pretty low ball offer, doubt any of those guys will get you Bell.

go with 2 of the 3 rbs? so waller monty and williams maybe

More likely you’ll need to offer KJ or Coleman

You can try but none of those 3 running backs have much value at all right now. All have been pretty bad.

Yeah i wouldnt mind giving up coleman in it to get bell but yeah they have been a bit of a roster clog on the bench and all are “starting rb” so pretty undropabble