Bell in IR

Should Lev Bell be allowed in the IR spot bc he’s not Injured?

No, but if your format’s standard is to allow it then it’s not a huge deal. If someone changed it to this to benefit them then that’s BS

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Yahoo allows this, I just discovered it yesterday.

espn allows it as well because he is considered Out, if they change it to NA or something along those line he wouldn’t be allowed in the IR. Technically he probably shouldn’t be allowed in there since he isn’t injured, but that’s up to the site you use and the league you’re in. As Nicknj12 said, if it was changed just to benefit the Bell owner then it should be overridden or you gotta leave the league because that is BS. But if not, unfortunately ya gotta deal with it unless there is a league vote on it and is voted on the other way. It’s happening in my league as well now but we’ve always had an IR spot and ESPN allows you to manipulate your lineup as such.

And now that you mention it, I’m surprised this hasn’t been brought up on any FFB Pod yet or anything, sites should look into changing his status the way they looked into giving Ty Montgomery dual position eligibility a couple seasons back.

They brought it up yesterday actually.