Bell Keeper Question

Two scenarios here that I’d like some outside perspectives on.

One of my home leagues decided to do keepers this year, we are going to start with just one and according to ESPN rules that would mean they would replace the first round pick.
I have Zeke and Bell.
I’m thinking Zeke’s established role would trump Bell’s value on an unknown team.

Second scenario is a result of discussions among my league mates about making (we’d have to do it externally) our keepers worth whatever round we took them in.
I got Zeke in the first and then Bell in the 2nd (I was near the turn and we drafted the day before the season started)

Would you rather Bell for a second round pick over Zeke for a first?
Even without knowing what team he will play for next year?

When do you have to let him know keepers by. We can change keepers in my league badically up until draft time. You should know by may what team bell is on. Theres NO reason a league should A draft before preseason week 4 ends and B keepers need to be locked in anytime prior to maybe an hour before the draft time

I agree with @hanson493 on waiting. With that being said, if you have to make a decision before knowing where Bell lands and we only have the information provided right now I go:

Scenario 1: Zeke all day. We know what the expect in Dallas and that is what you need for your first pick. Can expect, and assume and predict what Bell and his new team will do but until they get on the field, there is no way of knowing.

Scenario 2: Again, deciding right now, I still think I lean Zeke. IF Bell goes to a great situation/team then I would go Bell. Especially if you are drafting in the back end of the 2nd round.