Bell or Barkley?

I am in a keeper league and have the 1st overall pick. I also have a second 1st rounder 1.10 and an early second rounder 2.5.

Hurley, Johnson, Brown, Elliott and Kamara are keepers for other teams…

Do I still take Bell… or should I go for a homerun and potential keeper next year in Barkley???

Tough question. I will admit I am a biased, because I am a NYG homer, but with Bell not showing up and the unknown with his contract situation I think I would go Barkley. Tough choice because Bell might finish the RB number 1 and I am not sure Barkley has that ceiling on year 1, but Dynasty… go Barkley.

Is there limitations on keeper? If you can keep indefinitely, I would hate myself for saying it but I would lean Barkley. But if its only like a 1 year or keeper or something, I’d still go bell.

Three year limitation after drafted year. And the player is kept at the correct round plus one year till it maxes out on the 1st round. I have Diggs for this year… and extra 1st 1.10 and traded my second but got one back from someone else so I pick at 2.5

3 years probably pushes it into Barkley’s favor for me. Bell won’t be back in pitt next year so unsure of what his value will be then.