Bell or DJ. Who is better trade piece?

Hey Guys,

Just finished my rookie draft and I am heading into the season with a pretty solid team that should contend for a repeat #footclantitle. 12 team standard, start 2 RB 3WR and a flex my team is as follows:

QB: Wilson
RB: Bell, DJ, Mixon, Lacy, Rawls, Perine
WR: Evans, DT, Edelman, Cobb, Doctson, Gabriel
TE: Brate

Obviously this lineup is good as is, but am I overthinking things when I’m debating upgrading my WR core by trading away Bell or DJ to improve my WR depth? If so what do you think I could/should ask for either.


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Yes…RBs in standard scoring are a MUST HAVE. The difference in points from what you would lose to what you would gain is very likely to be negative.


I would sit tight on Bell and DJ as your RB’s. Your positional advantage will be massive, and Evans, DT and Edleman are more than capable of getting you some points. You could be a serious contender for the next 2-3years. But to answer your question, I would rather trade Bell over DJ. Who knows what team he’ll be on next year, and he has more injury/suspension issues. You might be able to package him with some draft picks for a high end WR like Julio or AJ Green. Maybe shoot for the stars and target OBJ?