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Bell owner just told the group chat bell is on the market?!?


He sucks at both running back and WR… can anyone help put together a solid deal?

He has Winston, Bell, Gillislee, J. brown, M. Wallace, Dickson, C. Beasley, Dez, Crowell, D. Adams, J. Mixon, M. Mariota, T. Williams, Lockett, Miller

I have McCoy, Hunt, Martin, Miller, Keenan, Pryor, Parker, DT, Ertz, Olsen, Watson, Fowler


Find out what he’s looking for?


He offered Bell and Dez for Hunt, Ertz and DT… I told him he was silly…
I countered real low, with Parker, Pryor and Miller for Bell


He said “SEND IT”!!! am I stupid or is this the steal of the centrury??


This is silly, maybe he’s on something at the moment. Perhaps drinking.


Seems to me like a steal for SURE but then again… am I missing something too? I’m a Bell owner, what does your leaguemate know that we don’t??


He said to send you’re counter to him???


Yes… lol hes being real dramatic… says hes gonna make his decision on all the offers tonight… but still, why would he even consider that…


“The Decision 2017” hahahaha


I can only assume he just wants as many offers as possible to look through. I can’t imagine him taking your offer serious. No offense to you, you gotta start low for sure, but yeah that is my though. However, if he does accept it, then you sir have punched your ticket to a #FootclanTitle


Any updates??


He rejected both I sent, and also didn’t sell to anyone. lol Someone offered freeman and sheppard this morning. He is tied for first at 5-1 and has fournette and gurley too, so I told the bell owner id match and raise any offer he threw. to an extent obviously.


This sounds like he is trying to start a bidding war, classic FF misdirection.


yea that does make sense…
on a side note, Alshon owner is willing to let go of alshon, j. brown and coleman for one of my "topbacks"
I have Hunt, McCoy, Martin and Miller. He said hed give me all three for McCoy. sounds a it pricey. He also has TY.
Any packages you all see?


Possibly throw him McCoy, Parker, Pryor and Fowler for Alshon, TY, Brown and Coleman?


I might try something like McCoy, Ertz, and Parker for Bell, Dez. That’s still a low offer but it’s not insulting. I think you could get more value back for Ertz than he is really worth.


makes sense. I have Nick Oleary rostered and Olsen on IR… should I roster someone other than Oleary if I go with this option? long term?


wavier is desolate. Fleener, higbee, Gresham, kroft, doyle, gates, Watson…


I would just stream until Olsen gets back. I had Olsen as well, and I have average about 13 points/game from my streaming TEs. Oleary is a fine play this week.


I would for sure be winning this trade you think?