Bell owner

Just offered Lindsay to acquire Conner in a full ppr. Good deal?

Also offered bell and Tate for Antonio and Jordan Howard. Also fair? Which would you prefer?

A skatback for a real RB on a high power offense.

Not seeing it. I also think Lindsay is doomed once Denver gets serious about winning.

This really comes down to what you think is gonna happens ith Bell…

At first, he said this would be his last season as a Steeler but his best one. Then he doesn’t show up for camp. Conner does well and it seemed as if the team moved on from him. Then the Steelers are open to trading him. Now going into week 6, he hasn’t played a snap, and supposedly he’s coming back for week 7.

Personally, as soon as Conner had his first game, I thought he wouldn’t play at all. Why would he? Why not stay fresh and Undamaged for the year and just work on perfecting your physical attributes that way you’re a ready to go for the next team? But then I realized he’s losing like $800k for every game he misses.

As far as getting traded goes, what makes people think that another team will get a huge deal done during the season, when an all star franchise like Pittsburgh couldn’t get it done in 3 seasons?

I guess he’ll have to play eventually this season because of the lost income but all that being said…I still think Conner has huge value ROS. He’s no Bell but he’s a top 5 RB up to this point, he’s established chemistry with the team, and at the very least I think the Steelers will follow the league-trend and use them both as a tandem, and what a tandem that would be…how are you Ds gonna deal with Conner and bell coming at you?

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As a fellow Bell owner but one who has already had Conner since week 1.

This trade works or does not work depending on if you believe the rumors that Bell is back during their bye week. If you believe it, Conner has only 1 week of value left, if you don’t he has value up to week 10. How badly do you need a win this week?

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I’m 2-3 playing against ertz and Barkley and my 2 backs are Yeldon and Michel. Starting Keenan, kupp, Landry in my WR and flex spots. So I guess getting Conner for this week is pointless. Maybe next week on bye he’ll trade me because Conner owner has buck Allen as his 3rd back…

I hope the Chargers and Browns end up in a shootout for you. You have a pretty strong WR corps in my opinion. Once Bell is back you’ll be in a strong position.
If Bell signs his tender early in the week, you could probably get Conner for nearly free as he’ll be downgraded to handcuff.