Bell owners still holding

What’s a fair RB trade to be looking at? Looking to replace him with one RB.

Note: I have Conner. Worth holding in that case?

I would keep him. Forgot about this week as Pitt was down early and had to throw. I dont think bell is coming back until week 10. I would try to trade connor to the bell owner around week 8-9. As a bell owner I am trying to get connor, but at a price I can afford.

Sorry, I might have written in a confusing manner but I own both Bell and Conner.

I want to trade Bell but am unsure what I’ll be able to target as a realistic trade? I just want a good RB.

If you own Conner, why would you trade bell? You lock up an every week RB1 on one of the highest scoring offenses with one of the best offensive lines. Conner insn’t better than bell, as soon as bell shows up, he’s a top 2 RB in the league.

Owning conner makes trading Bell a poor decision. Just keep playing conner until bell comes back.

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What Mike says is the smartest course.

You would be gambling any other way. If you knew it would be week 10 for sure before Bell showed up it might be enticing to get a year long guy for him now and roll with Conner and another top end player to give your team a big advantage and try to get out front of things before you come crashing back to earth, but that would be a huge risk.

Thanks guys. Still learning the ropes, appreciate the advice.