Bell plus for Kamara plus trade

0.5 PPR trade 8man
As above

I give Bell, michel, landry and t. Coleman
I get kamara k. allen white and fournette (yeldon owned by another team)

Rest of my team is rbs CMC a. Jones k. Johnson and breida. Wrs are Jeffrey obj and diggs. He is gronk.
Record is 2-4 while waiting for bell and being a bit unlucky.

Do i do the deal? I’m leaning yes

Id do it, kamara is right now way more valuable than bell, and this may continue the entire season. Keenan allen is going to improve thoughout the season and if he is anything like last year, he’s going to be a league winner. Fournette is a shot in the dark, but as your team is stacked and you would have kamara and cmc to play every week, seems like you can keep fournette in you bench and hope he gets well…

I would say yes. You need to get some wins under your belt and Bell isnt going to do that for you. The ballers just compared Michel/White to Ingram/Kamara so there is that. Tevin isnt as valuable with Ito Smith there. IF Fournette is healthy after the bye, he will help you win in the playoffs

Don’t even blink when you accept yes.

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Cheers guys. Hopefully landed on my feet after failing with my 1st overall pick! Glad I rejected bell for Howard some weeks ago too!!

Follow up now I have fournette. Would you do zeurlein and breida for yeldon and fairburn to cover for fournette while he’s out?

i wouldnt give up greg the leg haha
But i kinda like breida for yeldon
I feel like they are both on the same level right now, the thing with breida is that he’s injury prone. Yeldon right now is very startable and worst case scenario, you will still have a great handcuff