Bell Slipping

Drafting tonight an curious where you would pick up Bell? The order is randomized before the draft so I am not sure where I will be drafting, but I would believe I wouldn’t take him in the top 4 anymore.

Thoughts/opinions on this?

Yeah, I’m wondering what to do with him as well. I’ve got a draft tonight and a draft tomorrow. I’m #2 in tomorrow’s draft and tonight’s is randomized an hour before. If he skips this week but plays next week then he’s still a matchup winner for the rest of the season. I can’t see him holding out for more than a game, if even a game. But…it’s been done before.

That being said, I’d probably take him at 4 or 5. I personally love a stud RB in the first since they are so hard to find, so I might grab him at 4. If you are good with RB or WR in the first, then I’d drop Bell to 5th.

I was a proponent of taking Bell #1 overall. I would now take Gurley first. DJ vs Bell would be a debate but I think I’m still taking Bell. Definitely taking Bell over Zeke or any other rbs or wrs.

I’m still taking Bell top 4. I would just consider taking the other 3 guys over him but even that is hard to do. For me, I am always looking at production of a player on a per game basis and the edge they give me on a per game basis, not a total points basis. I firmly believe that I will make playoffs in my leagues every single season barring some extraordinary circumstances and no one gives you per game point advantage and the consistency that Bell gives. Even if he doesn’t play 1-2 games, I’m fine with it. The year he got suspended 4 games, there’s a reason why he was still being drafted like top 6 and he still finished as top RB that year after missing 25% of the season.

I look for guys to win playoffs for me, and Bell is just that.

Only one I’d consider moving up above Bell is maybe AB. But as far as top 5 goes, there’s no movement for me.

He ended up going 2 in our draft, I was sitting 3 so grabbed DJ.

They always say to minimize risk in the first couple of rounds but ultimately if he dropped I would have picked him up and just made sure to grab Conner at some point.

Good Luck on your drafts!

Need to say…I ended up unexpectedly drafting 2nd in a PPR draft tonight, and when the rubber hit the road it was DJ over Bell. Bell slipped to 5th, which I think is too late.

Getting Bell at 1.05 is absolute robbery. His team is going to be tough to handle come playoffs.