Bell still got it?

Bell and Anthony Miller or Dalvin Cook, Winston, Ricky Seal Jones


Thin at RB

I’m riding out with Bell if I were you. The contract that Le’veon is looking for, whoever pays up is expecting to give him a bell cow workload.

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Bell and Cook are similar IMO in terms of dynasty; Bell is the better player but is older and team situation, even if he goes to an ideal spot, has to be a downgrade. Cook is younger, but unproven (huge upside), on a good offense but competitive weapons. So I think Bell and Cook cancel each other out.
I think Miller far outweighs Winston and RSJ; unless its a 2QB league, I think he outweighs them by a ton. Miller has big upside on a young and good offense. He was sometimes startable last year and should only get better, with a lot of room to grow. Meanwhile Winston is a dime a dozen at QB and RSJ is a fridge top 12 TE.

All that being said, I take Bell/Miller all day

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