Bell super deal?

So i was 0-3 and i need more points, so i traded Le’veon Bell and Cooper for watkins, hyde, chris thompson, and terrance west
What do u think ? was it worth it to trade bell??
My roster now is
Pryor / Hill / Watkins
Hyde / Thompson
Gore/funchess/ marvin jones, abdullah, west and fuller
.5 ppr

Personally, I would not have done this. Bell and cooper can throw up game winning #s…I think you bought high on good weeks from Watkins and Thompson. west is loosing touches and woodhead will be back. I don’t blame you for making moves being down 0-3. but I think you panic a bit and undersold on bell and cooper.

No, not worth it. Hate to say it but you got taken for a ride.

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Unfortunately I think I agree with Abdullah_Oblongata.

Since it’s already done, I will look on the positive side and say that at least you got a lot of options - maybe one of them will pay off. There is optimism for Watkins and Hyde, but not Le’veon Bell or Cooper optimism (ok maybe Hyde/Cooper are comparable). I’m not high on west or Thompson long term, but anything can happen!

I will somewhat disagree with everyone. To be frank, Hyde can easily be a top 10 rb as long as he stays healthy. Watkins being on a revamped Rams offense can be a recipe for a potentially top 20 finish. Thompson is currently the only passing game that the redskins have as pryor is turning out to be a complete bust. He currently is a top 5 back. Definitely bought high but I do believe that cooper will have a down year relative to his normal season performances. With that being said, look for injuries and keep to the waiver wire to keep improving your team. I would recommend next time to post on the forum to get input before executing a trade. You def could have got more for bell and cooper. That would be the negative here. Hope that helps

thanks for the responses
i kinda got freaked out a bit. i thought my team got better value wise, but forgot about the crazy upside bell and cooper have. im usually not the superstar type of fantasy player and more of consistent guys week after week . and i thought my team would be able to put up higher points as a whole
wtvr live and learn

I also made 2 great pickups, fuller and funchess
does anyone think that might help my team or should i try to trade them