Bell Temperature? 🤒

Ok, who thinks there is a chance Bell plays this season? Seeing reports of trade talks…if traded do you think I he will play?

Have a desperate owner looking to offload Bell for pennies on the dollar…just not sure he will do more than take up bench space.

Bell has to play to ensure free agent status for next year… so doubt he’s back til week 10 and who knows what you even get then

If he’s traded then there is an assumption of an extension. No team would trade for him with out the intention to sign long term. Otherwise he would likely continue to sit out for the new team.

A trade is the best case for any Bell owner.

If he sits out he can’t be a free agent. Won’t have the service time. I just question how viable of a player he’d be being out that long.

A trade is best case and it does bring up a lot of uncertainty. If he goes to a bad situation, he wont be anything like the Leveon bell everyone thinks of. Think like DJ this year, all the talent in the world but the team just isn’t utilizing them and the team isn’t scoring points. That’s a realistic possibility. He could also go to a contending team but it seems less likely that he’ll go to a team that gives him 25 - 30 touches per game like the steelers do and no matter where he goes his line will almost certainly be worse. He’s worth a shot if you have the bench space to wait for him (especially if you’re getting him for pennies on the dollar). If you can get to the playoffs with him on your bench he has difference making potential in the playoffs.

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To be clear, he can only sit out a portion of this year. If he doesn’t play at least 6 games than he does not become a FA.


I think it just depends if there’s a team that can really take him on. The issue is I don’t know if theres a lot of teams. I mean Philly IMO makes the most sense because he can pass catch but with Ajayi i don’t know roster size or cap or whatever if they can do it.

TB is another option but i don’t know that he wants to be there long term without a good QB.

The Jets have shown interest, that would be an interesting landing spot, they’re usually a decent run team too.