Bell/Theilen for Gordon/Nuk

Got a trade offer sending Bell and Adam Theilen for Melvin Gordon/Nuk

12 team PPR
My roster is looking like: AB, K. Allen, Theilen, K Hunt, Bell, Z.Ertz

Should I bite or stay with Bell

I might not be up with the latest lingo, but who is Nuk?

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Sorry deandre Hopkins haha

I gotcha, knowing that I would not do that at all. You can get some serious value for Bell and that doesn’t meet my expectations. I would refuse that in a heart beat


Keep Bell. I think he’s trying to get you to sell low on Bell

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ok thats what i was leaning on doing but wasnt quite sure. Just got bell in a straight up trade for zeke so hopefully it works out great. going for 4 straight championships in the league, somehow ive won each year

Wishing you the best of luck this year forrmanj. 3 in a row is a great plow. Getting harder and harder to keep up with and out-think things in FFB. With Bell and Zeke…all the hoop-la makes it crazy. Zeke is "is he gonna get to play all season and Lev is…is he gonna make it all season W/O injury. My gut says go with Lev. NFL is hard-set about hanging Zeke!!!