BELL TILT - give CEH, get Chubb and Lindsay

Do I give CEH to get Chubb and Lindsay? I’m very nervous about Bell, and CEH has been disappointing anyways

What’s your record and other RBs?

If you’re 5-0 or have enough RBs to get through Chubb injury I wouldn’t be opposed. Otherwise don’t be afraid of rumors

I’m 2-3. RBs are Jacobs, Gibson, and Justin Jackson. I understand they’re rumors, but latest say hes down to 3 teams (Chiefs being one). And I think Lindsay will have a big role the next 2 or 3 weeks with Gordons DUI

The Chubb owner also has Ekeler, so I could do Ekeler/Lindsay as well

I’m not trading a starter for an injured RB whom I have no idea when he’ll return

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Especially at 2-3

I’m not touching it. You can’t survive on Jacobs and Gibson for 4 more weeks because you’ll be out of the playoffs by then.

The goal is make the playoffs and then after it’s luck

alright. ill hold. thanks guys