Bell Trade Part 2 -

Mack, Cook, Henry for Bell Levon & Sammy Watkins

My Team would look like,

After Trade My Rbs would be,
L. Bell, J. Connor, B. Powell, Drake, Hunt,

After Trade my WR would be

S. Watkins, S. Shepard, M. Jones, Agholor.

Let me hear your thoughts. Std. Scoring.

Go for it man, sounds like you’re just getting all the dead weight off your roster, and trading one absent and unreliable guy in Cook for a more talented absent and unreliable guy in Bell seems like the move. I’d do it.

Plus Sammy’s a nice throw in. Great to have a stake in the Chiefs offense, no matter who it is. Not a starter but he could be a spark off the bench if need be.

Actually looking at your WRs maybe he is a starter. Try flipping drake and one of your WRs for a solid starting wideout if you can. With Conner, Bell and Hunt you’re doing well for yourself at RB