Bell Trade PPR

I am the bell owner and the Conner owner is 5-0, I’m 2-3.

Looking to upgrade my Rb’s. Could i get Zeke and Thielen for Bell and Keenan? Or just sit tight with Bell?

RBs are Michel, Yeldon, Lewis, Bell, Lindsay
WRs are Keenan, Kupp, Landry, and Tate


I would just sit tight…you are solid at RB and when Bell comes back you’re set. Allen is your wr1 and Kupp is a beast (i start him every week at flex).

The only thing I would consider going after is Thielen…maybe package something up for the Connor owner because Connor is a glorified rental at this point. I actually just traded Connor.

His WRs are AJ Green, Thielen, JuJu, Cole
Rbs are Zeke, Conner, Buck Allen…

So basically he needs a lot more help at RB than i do at this point. Don’t know what to offer him though. Outside of his starting lineup, it’s garbage. He’s rostering 3 QBs, 2 TEs, and 2 Kickers for F’s sake.

What’s the best package i could offer that would benefit me the most?

I would offer Lindsay/Landry or Lindsay/Tate for Thielen. for your roster Michele is a must start every week and Yeldon looks to be the lead back for 2-4 weeks in Jax, so I would offer him what I suggested.

Yeah i was thinking about both of those scenarios. He had dropped Lindsay earlier this year so we’ll see what his thoughts are.

you should totally hold Bell hostage until he returns and see what happens there. this guy’s RB’s are super thin and he might seriously pay up to get Bell. Maybe even now, but it doesn’t look like you really need help at this point unless you can make a trade that is absolutely a win for you. Conner may well be worth around Tevin Coleman’s level in a matter of 2-3 weeks, whereas he is worth a healthy, starting Bell himself when they are on the same fantasy roster.