Bell trade to Conner owner

Conner owner has Zeke, Conner, and Buck Allen as RBs. Aj green, Juju, Thielen, Godwin at WR.

I have Sony, Yeldon, Lewis, Lindsay, Bell at RB. Keenan, Tate, Kupp, Landry at WR.

Full ppr, offer him Bell, Lindsay, and Keenan for Zeke and Thielen?

Also want to trade Yeldon to the Fournette owner for Dalvin straight up.

sitting at 3-3 after this week.

If I was the Conner owner, there is no way I’m giving up my only secure workhorse RB for a headache situation.

I’d probably try to come back with Bell, Sony, and Landry/ Tate for Zeke and Thielen if I was that owner.

This upcoming week with Conner on a bye and Lindsay will be going up against KC, think he’d consider that trade straight up? I offered it to him before this week and he declined it.