Bell Trade Urgent!

I was just offered Le’Veon Bell for James Conner and Carlos Hyde. I would be getting Bell. I am in 10 team standard league and my other RB’s are Melvin Gordon, Sony Michel, Aaron Jones, Dalvin Cook, Hyde and Conner. What are your thoughts?

I would say do it, conner is useless in a few weeks anyway so hyde for bell looks like a no brainer to me

Yeah im on team Do it

No chance they go committee at Pittsburgh if Bell stays? Just concerned he doesn’t want to have heavy workload and Harrison telling him to fake an injury to get paid worries me haha. Does he take over at least 75% of touches at Pitt? Any other day of the year it’s no brainier, not sure why I haven’t pulled trigger yet

we have seen this before with deangelo Williams and bell went back to being the bell cow, is it possible they make a committee?? perhaps but even then i don’t think conner would be playable

Not the same situation as Williams at all. They need to keep the locker room happy here too and also have to keep Conner factored in since he will be the guy next year. Ben is even stumping for Conner. He will be involved in some way even if Bell comes back. Not sure what the percentages are but it won’t be 50-50.

Ok like i said if that happens would have confidence starting conner?
idts and bell would be a must start. It sort of is the same situation because bell was coming off his second suspension so the keeping the locker room happy aspect was still relevant and wouldn’t you wanna use the fuck out of bell if he’s gone next year? just a thought.

Really good stuff. I’m debating throwing in Amari Cooper and asking for Robert Woods as part of the deal so at least I’m upgraded slightly at WR. Thoughts?

amari cooper is an absolute liability in lineups these past years, can win or lose you a week, shipping him out for someone like woods seems like a very good idea

I would probably pull him from my lineup for a week to wait and see what the split is. But I think he could still be used as a flex some weeks. I’ve already made my mind to keep him on my roster as my keeper next year though.

what are the chances you can keep Conner and offer Hyde and maybe D. Cook instead? Having Bell and Conner will be invaluable ROS