Bell trade who won?

i have traded bilal powell, carlos hyde, 1,2,3 round picks in the 2019 draft 1 and 3 round picks in the 2020 draft and a 2 and 3 round draft for leveon bell. who won the trade?

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Jesus that’s a lot to get but honestly it all comes down to where those number 1’s fall. If u are in total rebuild then go for it but with bell I find it hard to believe your team sucks that much. Ur team will be too young to compete for a couple of years if ur ok with losing

How does the rest of your team look?

I think @Bigjones is saying he gave up all that to get Bell…
2019 - 1, 2, 3
2020 - 1, 3
2021 - 2, 3


At first look, it looks like you gave up A LOT to get Bell. I wouldn’t have given that much. I probably wouldnt have gone much past the 2019 stuff. I mean Bell is 26 but will be 29 by the time you’re done paying for him if I understand your trade correctly.

yeah daniel you understod correctly. yeah i know i gave up a lot but i really think that he at least have 2 good years in him. and i don’t think any of the picks i traded will come near the value of bell when the players are drafted

Way too much draft capital for my liking. I’d be selling Bell, not buying, and this is certainly a top of the market price.

If it gets you a title, maybe it’s worth it? I can’t say.

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Yeah i try to contend this year. I have traded for aj green and i have AB and travis kelce sp thats the plan. It is a 24 team leauge.

Are there any player copies. If not, in 24 team league, don’t see how you can’t be a favorite with all those guys for the next 2years, Purchasing Bell should help you get to the championship. those picks should be extremely late if your playing for championships 1.23/1.24 is basically 3rd round pick in most leagues. Major win IMO, as bell owner thinking of selling I wouldn’t take this deal. I would need at least 2 top 5 picks ++

Whoa. Also, you should have lead with the 24 team league :wink:

I think you gave up a tonne, but with that many teams, assuming you even finish better than 12th, your 1st pick will be late anyway. From the snapshot you gave of the other players you roster, you ought to be closer to pick 18+ at least 2019. While it might be a huge give, I think it is probably worth it to land Bell.

yeah my picks aren’t very good and i don’t think that any of the picks will be a starter for my team-