Bellicheck is NOT happy!

LOLOL…even his normal “scowl” has a scowl!!!

but really? this has to be a joke. Are they throwing this game?

everyone is taking a nap

I couldn’t even fathom a guess here. In all truth it’s just been nuts this week…hell this whole season in a lot of respects!!! I’ve wondered before if somebody has gotten paid “under the table” for whatever reason. Vegas has some pretty sneaky moves sometimes. I mean…think about it…NE pretty much has it wrapped up at this point in the season. IDK…hard to say…:smirk:

prepping for the steelers shootout ?

Good possibility. As I mentioned…Vegas has a way of making “strange” things happen if they have a good reason to believe there’s BIG BUCKS to be made!!! MONEY IS POWER!!!

LOL…and here comes the BIG COMEBACK!!! Imagine that!!!:laughing:

Or maybe not.

They have issues in Miami, and Gronk makes a huge difference to that offense.

Ummm…ok…it’s been a long week already…(and it’s just Monday…LOL)…but, not sure where you’re going with that comment. Gronk didn’t play tonight and they don’t play MIA again.