Bells Dynasty Value


What is Bells value right now in a dynasty league? Is he worth trading for, considering his age and mileage? Add the uncertainty of the Pittsburgh QB position beyond 2018.

If you could convince someone of the “uncertainty” then yes, trade for him. He’s probably cheaper now than he’ll ever be. He’s still the best RB in football and still 26, not necessarily that old. The upside of it is that you’re getting a monster playmaker. And with regards to the QB situation, I don’t know if that affects him that much. He gets so many touches as is and that’s with a HOF QB and WR. Feel like he’s still a safe option.

*possible bias being that I’m a die hard steeler.

He’ll be 27 in 2 weeks. I’m not a buyer on Bell, unless it’s at a discount or maybe if I think he puts me over the top for a championship (and i wouldn’t make that move until much later in the season). He absolutely is not cheaper than he’ll ever be. Running backs don’t gain value as they age, and it’s entirely possible (if not probable) that he’ll be on a different team sometime in the next 2 seasons. That is likely not a good thing for his value.

@DFWB @ty_nagy great points. Still searching for help at RB, and I’m looking at options. I have the 1.05 and 1.08 and I’m not sure those picks will yield stud RBs. But after reading your guys’ comments, I agree that Bell might not be at a discount and is getting older. Maybe it’s best to find other buy low candidates?

Buy low candidates are the name of the game. I think there’s also a real chance you get good starters with both of those picks this year.

Are you looking to rebuild or go for a championship? The type of guy you go for is often entirely team dependent, especially in dynasty.