Ben or Trey

4 pt standard full PPR superflex (2QB) 12 team league.

We can only have 3 QBs rostered. Trey just got dropped from another team. Should I drop Ben to pick him up? The earliest I’d need Ben or Trey is week 12 barring injury. Heinicke, Taysom, and Dalton are the only other QBs available. Thoughts?

I would, he’s worth it for the upside and Ben didn’t look great to be honest last week. That line will get him killed soon.

Depends on your other 2 QBs and your team makeup. It’s risky, but if you can play your current 2 QBs through the 49ers bye week, then I think you make the move. I’d expect Lance to be playing by Week 7.

A starting QB in the hand is worth more than a non-starter in the bush.

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