Ben vs Fitz

Ben @ Jax vs Fitz @ NYG.

I almost started Fitz last week, but stuck out Big Ben and he tore it up.

I don’t like his chances against Jax, but struggling to bench him after his big week.

I think Fitz outperforms Big Ben this week.
We all know Big Bens home/road splits plus this is still Jax defense. With Fournette bad in tow, we can expect a run heavy approach from Jax to eat some clock on top of the other issues.
NYG traded away a few significant pieces on defense so their rating is inflated relative to what’s left, I’m thinking/hoping for a shootout with two bad defenses and a whole lot of offensive weapons on both sides.
I can’t believe I just suggested starting Fitz over Big Ben, but that’s what I feel where numbers are leading us.

I had the same mentality and conclusion. Agreed, just doesn’t feel right haha