Ben Watson Value? Possible Trade

I am in a Dynasty 12 teamer. I have J. Graham and V. Davis, so I am in Need of a TE. I got offered my 2.12 pick for B. Watson. Is it worth grabbing him for 1 year or possibly grabbing a Rookie TE in the Draft? Before the offer, grabbing a Rookie was my plan.


ben watson isnt even worth a 4th rounder in rookie drafts, he has almost no value, he might give you 1 or 2 good games thats it. i would try and trade for someone else

I wouldn’t do it, too expensive for me. He is 38 years old, going to an offense that spreads the ball around a lot, will run the ball a lot, and also signed ASJ. I see him having a similar year to last year, around 400 yards and 3-4 TDs. He is a good player, but has only had 1 year in like the last 10 years that have made him a startable TE.


That’s an easy reject for me. Unless you’re in a league with no tight end depth at all I can’t see a situation where Watson isn’t on waivers soon enough

My same thoughts. Thanks you all