Bench A Brown for John Brown?

Who in their right mind would do such a dastardly thing? I’m thinking about it…

You are a crazy person if you do that!
John Brown has only 1 reception in each of the past 2 games Lamar Jackson has started…

Yeah, he may get lucky and break one deep ball for a TD, but I am not trusting Lamar Jackson as a passer yet and avoiding all Ravens receivers for rest of season if he remains the starter…

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Agreed. A Brown is a stud. John Brown is in really bad shape cause of the qb situation.

Thats not intelligent.

Ok, so after 12 weeks and not missing a single game from the Steelers what is evident is Big Ben is having tons of success with JuJu and the tight end scene. I didn’t spend a first pick overall on a decoy. Hence why I almost passed on Brown to select K Hunt…at this point I wish I had. Brown has been nothing more than a name and his upside is insane but with JuJu stealing the show it has been hard. This is where we mix things up or just stay the course and let the name carry me to victory?

AB is on pace for 103 catches, 1,271 yards and 16 TDS. John Brown is probably droppable with Lamar Jackson at QB.