Bench Amari?

Really I honestly can’t decide if I should bench Cooper tonight. My other options to fill in the slot is OBJ (Which I’m just not that heavy on anymore) ,Russel Gage, and a John Ross.

My opponent is also playing Dak tonight. I’m not sure if that should factor in my decision. I’m also playing against my best friend of 15 years so I must destroy him and assert absolute dominance in this friendship

Him playing Dak would matter to me. If its a 4pt qb td league your going to be actually gaining ground if they connect for a td. Im not benching him personally

That’s IF Amari doesn’t get shut down today. 4 point QB league. 6 point TD league. Hm so if I don’t sit him. My starting WRs would be. Cooper, Anderson and Diggs in my flex. I’m debating between Darnold, Kyler and Fitzmagic as well