Bench clog help!

I’ve got a bunch of clogs tying up valuable bench space- but I feel like I can’t drop them. With that being said, would you make this trade? 0.5ppr

GIVE: OJ Howard and Matt Breida
GET: Marquise Brown

My starting TE is Mark Andrews
RBs are: Zeke, jones, sony, singletary, drake, rojo
WR: OBJ, thielan, golladay, AJ Green

Or is there a RB I should target? I know Howard and Breida won’t net much.

You are needy at WR, this is a good trade for you. Brown is definitely the #1 WR on that team. You clearly don’t need Howard he has been trash. Send Drake to the waiver wire, I don’t think anyone in Miami should be owned right now! :joy: