Bench Construction Strategy- When to add extra Def/TE/QB?

I’m curious when everyone begins altering their bench when looking at bye weeks and playoffs. I’ll be 4-2 and would like some opinion. I love RB depth but most of these guys are upside handcuffs. I don’t like the idea of holding 2 QB’s, 2 TE’s or 2 Defenses, but i’d Like some solid strategy moving forward.

My lineup(.5 PPR):
Saquon/DJ/Carson/Penny/Mattison/Lat Murray/Darrell Williams
Tyreek/Golladay/Cooks/Auden Tate

My thoughts are to drop Penny for Herndon and the Titans for Jets defense. Maybe I shouldn’t be keeping Cam with how Kyler is playing? What do you think of this and what strategies have been effective for you?

There’s really no set answer in my opinion. If there’s literally nothing on waivers it begins whenever you want. I think two qb can be great as you’re at least set if things turn. I’d probably explore Newton trades if you can get any though as I think you’ll go Murray a lot

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Thanks! Yes, Murray is likely my starter ROS. Cam would be a bye week filler and possible trade bait. Herndon is who I’m hung up on. I can’t decide if Penny is worth holding or dropping.

At the moment signs point to Carson being the undisputed guy, but that may change. Personally I’d try use him with the Carson owner in a low level trade

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But I think he can be dropped. It might prove regrettable later but right now Carson looks the guy.

Lol I am the Carson owner. My RB’s starters are stacked and my bench is upside handcuffs

Sorry I didn’t see him in your lineup. The joys of UK time almost 1am scanning.

It’s a bad tactic but I like to use drop kicker and wait on position guys then replace for kicker later each week. Example drop k, wait and see with sea rb, drop penny when safe, pick back up next week.

Also not used to seeing Carson as rb3

Ya, RB priority is high in this league, hence why I have so many. Penny would be gone off waivers, but I think i’m Ok with it. Thanks for the input, and ya, I drafted well and traded my ass off to get this lineup together in a 12 tm.

I’d definitely wait for more news on herndon just in case his hamstring is a problem week 7