Bench Dez for Pryor, Cooks AND Alshon?

Dynasty league - Full PPR

My WR options are:
Dez Bryant
Terrelle Pryor
Brandin Cooks
Alshon Jeffery

Is it possible that I should sit Dez this week? He got targets and plenty of end-zone looks last week, but the stats weren’t there and now he goes up against Denver.

I’m also in a tough RB spot. My options are:
Lesean (obvi start)
CJ Anderson

Do we trust CJ over Crow and Gill?

My full roster:

Thanks guys!

P.S. my bench scored 111 in week 1. :frowning:

Looks like I’m going to let Bryant, crowell and Gilly ride the bench. Still looking for advice though. :slight_smile:

Gillislee’s playing the Saints, so I would probably roll with him over CJ Anderson. He might get a ton of goal line looks and late game carries if the Pats build a lead. I played him last week against the Chiefs, so I might be a bit biased. Seems like the rest of your squad is pretty solid, so I wouldn’t mind rolling out Gillislee if your opponent is projected to have a higher score this week.