Bench ERTZ?

I’m desperate for a win this week… am I crazy to play Brate over Ertz? What about streaming Josh Hill against the cardinals? Looking for a big play

Half PPR

There’s hype on Brate this week honestly not sure why. Bucs don’t throw to the TE I could be wrong but if OJ didn’t do much I don’t see Brate unless it’s a some magic game this week for the Bucs and TEs. I think Hill would be a stretch. I think Goebert might be the next best if you don’t play Ertz. Bills are good but someone’s going to get receptions for the Eagles. TEs are usually TD dependent so anyone can score.

People are excited about Brate because historically he scores a lot more touchdowns than Howard (and most TEs), and he’s been running a lot of red zone routes already… so without Howard there the idea is that he will be running all the TE routes… that being said, it is true that they haven’t really been utilizing the TE much this year so it could just be blowing smoke

Brate’s hype stems from his 2016 and 2017 seasons:

Then he signed a 6 year, $40,800,000 contract.

Despite the hype, I still prefer Ertz.

As per Rich Rhiber:

That said, despite the limited snaps, Brate has been receiving RZ tagerts (pointing back to the TD upside of 2016/2017 years).

RZ Targets:

So brate has actually been worse with Howard out? That’s interesting

Please note for context, OJ Howard did not play in the 2016 season where Brate had 600+ yards and 8 TDs.

How do you feel about Jonnu Smith against the bucs over Ertz?

I don’t love it. Smith is talented and has had opportunity in the past with little results.

I can and am streaming Jonnu where I have nothing. But I have a hard time playing him before guys like Ertz.

If Ertz were ‘old’ or hurt it might be a different story.

Out of 36 NFL games Jonnu Smith has scored over 10 PPR points 5 times. With a high of 14.3 points.