Bench help

So I currently hate my bench. Usually against having more than one tight end or QB. Currently have two qbs and three tight ends. Should I drop any of these guys and go after a 50% owned RB or wait a week and figure it out Tuesday night. Currently 2-0 and have 100% of my FAAB so have some wiggle room.
QB: Mahomes (13th Round keep)
RB: Bell (6th round keep)
RB: Cook
WR: Golladay
Flex: Mack (7th round keep)
TE: Olsen
K: Lutz Def: Bills

Bench: Tyler Lockett, Josh Gordon, Jarvis Landry, Tom Brady, OJ Howard and TJ Hockenson (potential 15th round keeper)

I would Trade Brady to a team that is weak at QB or both. Brady is a top 5 QB right now, and probably will be the rest of the year so I might try to get a top TE or a WR1/2. Might want to package one of your backup WR’s and get some RB depth too since you only have 3 RB’s.

I’d probably package Tom Brady and one of those TEs for a RB since you’re going to need an extra one for depth.

Makes sense. I kind of like having the 5th best qb as a backup right now especially since my RBS are looking solid right now.

Maybe try and package Lockett and OJ for somebody. I dont mind having a top 5 backup qb backing up the #1 dude but do get that its a waste to have 2 qbs

Package Brady and one of Jarvis, Lockett or Kenny G for an RB. I’d like to keep Gordon around in case AB gets the boot if i were in your shoes…3 TE’s sucks, but with the 3 you have I get it. I’d take a wait and see approach for another weekend unless there are players you really like on the wire or need to include one to get an RB. But Olsen is playing well now, OJ and Hock have that big upside that you don’t want to drop and watch someone else reap the benefits of. Good luck!