Bench Hopkins?

Whom to bench:

Michael Thomas
Hopkins vs Jacksonville D ?

Thank you for input

You can play 3 I assume? And holy WRs Batman!!! You should have traded one of those guys for a RB when you had the chance. Honestly I clicked on the thread going to say you can never bench Hopkins because he’s an elite WR1 (which is almost always true)…but if you have 3 other legit WR1s with all good matchups and his is a really bad matchup I think it might be the right play. There are very very few cases I think where Hopkins should actually be benched and this is one of them.

Thanks for the feedback! Yes … I can play 3. (Due to league rules which put a cap on the number of trades each team can make, it became nearly impossible to trade one of these guys.). I will either bench Hopkins or Baldwin … still debating. With Wilson as QB, and RB’s McCoy and Freeman, feel confident to move forward to Championship Week.

I’d bench Baldwin personally. I don’t think I could live with myself if I benched Hopkins and lost.